Family Buys Cat Bed For Possum That Sleeps In Garage

A Family in Australia bought a cat bed for the brushtail possum that sought shelter in their garage.

Leisa Embury says that Pandy the brushtail possum has been sleeping in the cat bed in her garage almost every day since June 2020.

“He’s been a fabulous distraction through the pandemic,” she says. “He used to sit on our garage shelves and look so sad and often knocked the paint cans off the shelf.”

So, she bought him a little cat bed to see if he would use it.

Now he comes back almost every morning to his comfy bed in the garage and sleeps in there all day.

“Pandy is free to come and go as he pleases. He’s now living his best possum life in Belgrave, Victoria, Australia,” Embury said.