Highland Cows of Scotland Are Starring in Their Own ‘Coo’ Cam Show

Australia has kangaroos, China has pandas, and Scotland is known for its… cows? Shaggy, ginger, pink-tongued, Highland cows to be exact.

They’re charming animals that you’ll see in fields and paddocks across the Hebrides and even along the Scottish Borders.

But if you’re not actually in the UK right now, the pandemic means you probably won’t be visiting these sweet, lumbering animals at least for a little while.

Not to worry, though. The team at Visit Scotland are helping out travelers who are stuck at home with a ‘coo cam’, so everyone can get their fix of Highland farm animal sweetness.

Check out Visit Scotland’s social feeds and you’ll see cows from Kitchen Coos and Ewes in Dumfries and Galloway, and from Edinburgh’s Swanston Farm.

The cows were filmed in November and clips will be released through the year.

“We want people to still be able to enjoy our country and what makes us unique through the virtual experiences you can still enjoy from the comfort of your own home,” says Visit Scotland tourism board, “From using a tree as a scratch post, making their moos heard, and having a good nosey at the camera, the Coo Cam provides an access all areas perspective to life on the farm.”