Postal worker left in stitches by unfortunate typo on delivery instructions

It’s always frustrating to miss a delivery after waiting days for it to show up.

Thankfully, with online orders we’re able to add delivery instructions asking for our precious parcels to be left in a safe place or dropped off with a friendly neighbour to avoid an even longer wait.

But one postal worker was left in hysterics when a customer’s request contained an unfortunate typing error that changed the innocent instruction into something else entirely.

An image of the message was shared on Reddit with the caption: “As a postie I’ll go above and beyond for you, but this, this is new.”

The delivery instructions on the screen read: “There is a deliver to safeplace request for this item. Attempt delivery to customer first. If they are not in leave this item in their nominated place: Enclosed porch.

“Additional information: Please ring bell after pooping in porch. Thank you.”

Luckily for everyone, the door was answered and the delivery was successful, but it didn’t stop the comments rolling in as one person said: “I’m not sure that’s the special delivery they were expecting.”

A second wrote: “New meaning to ‘postman pat’.”

And another added: “That’s an odd request but you took an oath to serve…”

Meanwhile, an Amazon delivery driver who found a note from a customer asking him to hide a parcel from their kids racked up more than 8.3 million views on TikTok as people praised his efforts.

The driver, known as @theejettjr, somehow managed to balance the parcel between a light and the structure of the porch roof, as many people joked the adult might have a hard time finding it too.

He said: “I’m just going to assume that you’re children are very, very small and that they would be too short to look up and see the package.

“So I hid it up top for you by your light, next to your door. I hope this helps.”