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date memory series
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8.9.2011 wedding is a man's grave. baka to test to shoukanjuu matsuri ep. 1
6.28.2011 when you get older, making mistakes gets harder. the more things you're responsible for, the less mistakes you make. mahou shoujo madoka magica ep. 6
4.14.11 don't search for someone else's happiness, search for your own happiness. seiken no blacksmith ep. 7
2.15.11 we're born alone, and we die alone. tears to tiara ep. 19
2.15.11 failure allows people to mature. tears to tiara ep. 9
1.27.11 when guys have girls they want to see smiling, that'll push them to work harder. seitokai no ichizon ep. 12
1.24.11 people aren't attracted to others because of the presence or lack of flaws. it's about how attractive the person is. seitokai no ichizon ep. 2
1.9.11 the greater the joy at your gain, the greater the sorrow will be at your loss. sora no woto ep. 10
1.2.11 the end of any journey is the end of everything. katanagatari ep. 11
12.23.10 love is the most beautiful not when you have realized how you feel, but when you are on the verge of doing so. sasameki koto ep. 11
12.5.10 people view things completely different depending on whether or not they feel love for the person in question. umineko no naku koro ni ep. 19
12.2.10 it's important you don't give up. summer wars
11.30.10 men who keep still are no fun. full metal alchemist: brotherhood
ep. 64
11.28.10 a person's life is worth as much as anyone else's. full metal alchemist: brotherhood ep. 30
11.28.10 a battlefield is a place for murder. full metal alchemist: brotherhood ep. 30
11.26.10 guys only convey things with actions, not words. So if it's something tough, they don't want others to have to put up with it. they don't want people to worry, either. so they don't say anything. full metal alchemist: brotherhood ep. 9
11.26.10 there are somethings in life that will only be understood through words. full metal alchemist: brotherhood ep. 9
11.26.10 being able to wholeheartedly commit yourself to something is a talent in itself. full metal alchemist: brotherhood ep. 7
11.24.10 nothing remains of its past. grave of the fireflies (live action)
11.15.10 human civilization only thrives through the destruction of nature. ghost hound ep. 10
11.11.10 when a man diverts his eyes to the right, he is saying something he does not truly believe. hanamaru kindergarten ep. 9
11.10.10 there are no replacement for anyone. everyone is unique. darker than black ~ ryuusei no gemini ep. 3
11.09.10 time only moves forward darker than black ~ ryuusei no gemini ep. 1
11.06.10 it's important to make decisions on your own, but it's at those times when you really need the honest opinion of people around you. nogizaka haruka no himitsu ep. 11
11.05.10 what you see isn't necessarily reality. everyone has secrets; things they can't tell others. there are no normal people anywhere. durarara!! ep. 23
11.05.10 when someone loves another person, they express that love through various behaviors, right? durarara!! ep. 16
11.05.10 love breeds confusion. durarara!! ep. 14
11.05.10 if i'm your savior, then you're mine. durarara!! ep. 12
11.04.10 change never comes easily. even if you try to change locations, you're still the old you. durarara!! ep. 3
11.04.10 because the world isn't as terrible as you think. durarara!! ep. 2
11.04.10 it's more interesting if you don't know the future. murder princess ep. 5
11.03.10 the deeper the night, the darker the darkness gets. kara no kyoukai ep. 7
11.03.10 time isn't eternal kara no kyoukai ep. 6
11.01.10 people can only express the emotions they have. kara no kyoukai ep. 2
11.01.10 people don't just instantly turn into nothingness after they die, as long as others remember them. kara no kyoukai ep. 1
10.31.10 time stops for no one. ef ~ a fairy tail of two
10.31.10 if you have forgotten, speak no more until you have remembered. ef ~ a fairy tail of two
10.30.10 space does not  have a top or bottom. you can keep on floating endlessly. macross frontier ~ the false diva
10.25.10 man is, before all else, something which propels itself towards a future and is aware that it is doing so. black lagoon ep. 20
10.23.10 the world will keep turning even if there is no justice. black lagoon ep. 8
10.23.10 there's nothing worse than being treated like a whore by your companions. black lagoon ep. 5
10.23.10 you've gotta enjoy life, or you'll waste it away. black lagoon ep. 1
10.22.10 if you decided, then you have to accept consequences, regardless of what they are. that is the only way to save yourself from regret. asura cryin' ep. 24
10.22.10 when the time comes to protect someone, would you like death stop you? asura cryin' ep. 22
10.22.10 each time you draw a katana, it means someone's death. that's why you have to be prepared to put your life on the line. asura cryin' ep. 22
10.17.10 there's an appropriate time to fight. the appropriate time is even more crucial when you're up against a powerful enemy. kurokami ep. 14
10.12.10 the past and the present aren't the same. to aru kagaku no railgun ep. 16
10.12.10 we're here now because of our past selves. to aru kagaku no railgun ep. 16
10.11.10 your health is what's most important. to aru kagaku no railgun ep. 9
10.7.10 people can't really be strong until they feel fear. pandora hearts ep. 24
10.7.10 people gain strength by living for others. pandora hearts ep. 22
1.3.10 death is running away. kara no kyoukai ep. 01
11.7.09 grudge is an unreasonable thing. xxxholic kei ep. 1
10.20.09 the best times might be when you are only wishing for it to last forever. spice and wolf ep. 10
10.19.09 people go through good times and bad times. spice and wolf ep. 8
10.18.09 when people lie, it isn't the lie itself that's important, but the reason why they lied in the first place. spice and wolf ep. 2
10.17.09 men get carried away by the kindness of women. spice and wolf ii ep. 1
10.15.09 love starts with denial. shangri-la ep. 20
10.14.09 believing is really hard. shangri-la ep. 18
10.13.09 every life has its worth. shangri-la ep. 13
10.07.09 is happiness different from death? shikabane hime kuro ep. 7
10.06.09 nobody can live only by doing what they want to do. they have to live hiding what they really want to do. shikabane hime kuro ep. 5
10.1.09 the most important thing is just being there when you're needed. bakemonogatari ep. 12
10.1.09 it's okay to say it hurts when it hurts. bakemonogatari ep. 10
10.1.09 being kind to everyone is a bit irresponsible. bakemonogatari ep. 9
10.1.09 even girls like to talk dirty. bakemonogatari ep. 7
10.1.09 it's best not to peer too deep into a lover's past. bakemonogatari ep. 6
10.1.09 everyone has a self field they call "privatey". bakemonogatari ep. 6
10.1.09 did you know that every time you sight, a little bit of happiness escapes? bakemonogatari ep. 6
9.29.09 as their wealth increases, humans easily lose themselves. princess lover ep. 11
9.29.09 the more something is important to you, the more you will feel the impact when losing it. princess lover ep. 5
9.29.09 as long as you're alive, your feelings towards those who you love will never become a thing of the past. princess lover ep. 5
9.28.09 there are some good lies and bad lies. shinkyoku soukai polyphonica crimson s ep. 6
9.28.09 it wouldn't have been painful if something wasn't there right from the beginning. however, you'll experience extreme loneliness, when something that exists, disappeared all of a sudden. shinkyoku soukai polyphonica crimson s ep. 3
9.27.09 second chances are impossible. hayate no gotoku!! ep. 24
9.26.09 it's said that when you start losing people, you start realizing their worth ... ga-rei ch. 12 pg. 188
9.25.09 gifts aren't about being expensive or cheap, what's important is the thought when getting a gift. how much thinking you've put into it ... hayate no gotoku!! ep. 10
9.25.09 there are things you notice the moment you see them. hayate no gotoku!! ep. 7
9.25.09 it makes you happy to have a chocolate you put your heart into making get accept. hayate no gotoku!! ep. 4
9.24.09 humans don't float. hayate no gotoku!! ova
9.24.09 just forget everything. that's the easiest way to deal with it. if you want to be truly strong, then bear all of it. ga-rei zero ep. 11
9.24.09 no matter what others say, you can go forward with the answer you believe is right. ga-rei zero ep. 7
9.23.09 a loss is a loss. there is no next time in a real battle. you can't choose the strength of your opponent in a real battle. losing means death. ga-rei zero ep. 3
9.21.09 five women is just a controlled chaos. aoi hana ep. 12
9.21.09 feelings don't go on and off like a light switch. aoi hana ep. 12
9.13.09 in a battle, people will awaken their own instinct to fight! turn a gundam ep. 50
9.10.09 people will always die and be forgotten. no one will know of or talk of them. turn a gundam ep. 26
9.10.09 if we do something later, then we won't know if we really were here or not. turn a gundam ep. 26
9.10.09 before death, those who are more lively tend to attract others' love more easily. turn a gundam ep. 24
9.3.09 running away won't get you anywhere. toradora ep. 25
9.3.09 run towards the things that you can see. toradora ep. 24
8.31.09 the things you see aren't always real. toradora ep. 15
8.28.09 life can only sparkle when it comes face to face with death, and death is proof that you were once alive. ayakashi ep. 12
8.25.09 there's someone always looking after you if you work hard in life. starship operators ep. 10
8.23.09 people grown only after overcoming a challenge. doujin work ep. 7
8.20.09 men are creatures that would commit any kind of atrocity. earl and fairy ep. 2
8.20.09 men are clumsy creatures. they can only get near the girl they like via continuous pranks. earl and fairy ep. 1
8.18.09 do people dream because it'll never come true? or are they dreams because they'll never come true? macross frontier ep. 11
8.17.09 if you try to act with your mind, a part of it will always be a lie. macross frontier ep. 10
8.16.09 there are no "if"s in history. macross zero ep. 4
8.13.09 kindness is a crime. it makes you want to depend on someone even while knowing they're just sympathizing with you. macross frontier ep. 23
8.12.09 if you really love someone, you would risk your life for them. macross frontier ep. 20
8.12.09 all girls become women one day. macross frontier ep. 14
8.12.09 better to try and fail than to regret doing nothing. macross frontier ep. 14
8.11.09 the longer people are apart, the happier the reunion. macross frontier ep. 12
8.9.09 fate is something you guide with your own hands. macross frontier ep. 3
8.9.09 fate is ironic. tytania ep. 26
8.9.09 in battle, make the first move for certain victory. tytania ep. 24
8.2.09 once the time arrives, destiny will start moving.  tytania ep. 11
7.28.09 every world has people abandoned by luck. tytania ep. 3
7.28.09 there are three types of people in the world; those who rule, those who are ruled, and those that hate to be ruled. tytania ep. 3
7.27.09 doing things well doesn't make us stronger, but it's the things we don't do well that we fail at. koukaku no regios ep. 14
7.27.09 when you wish to gain everything, you're destined to lose it all. koukaku no regios ep. 12
7.25.09 there are things people can't understand, until they are on the brink of death. koukaku no regios ep. 7
7.25.09 to become stronger, you can only rely on yourself. koukaku no regios ep. 7
7.22.09 people with cold hands have warm hearts. k-on! ep. 13
7.19.09 Failure is the mother of success. nodame cantabile ~ paris chapter ep. 2
7.19.09 time stops for the dead. but if you go on living, things change. whether or not you ask for it, the clock keeps ticking. ristorante paradiso ep. 10
7.19.09  in your lives, you will come to different crossroads. regardless of if you decide to stay where you are or turn back, you still have to make a decision. toradora ep. 25
7.19.09 if you trip while running down a hallway, you'll get a nosebleed. if you trip in life, you'll cry. toradora ep. 24
7.18.09 the thing you wish for the most is something you'll never get. toradora ep. 16
7.14.09 love knows no age. ristorante paradiso ep. 3
7.14.09 there is no remedy for love but to love more. tayutama ~ kiss on my deity ~ ep. 12
7.14.09 when you're discussing something, it's important to come to an understanding with the other party. tayutama ~ kiss on my deity ~ ep. 12
7.14.09 the most common things are the most precious . tayutama ~ kiss on my deity ~ ep. 7
7.13.09 if someone says they like you ... you feel happy ... ticklish ... embarrassed ... but also warm at the same time ... hatsukoi limited ep. 12
7.13.09 even if you're hated, you still have something to tell him, right? do you really think it's a good choice to be hesitant like that and not tell him how you feel? even if you know how it'll turn out, it's still better than never telling him about it. hatsukoi limited ep. 11
7.13.09 real men speak silently with their backs. hatsukoi limited ep. 6
7.13.09 they say a woman's heart is just like the autumn sky. hatsukoi limited ep. 5
7.12.09 no matter how many years pass, the warmth of summer never changes. natsu no arashi ep. 12
7.12.09 if you repress anger just 'cause you're a girl, unhappiness will build, wrecking the relationship. natsu no arashi ep. 12
7.12.09 clothes make a woman feminine. natsu no arashi ep. 12
7.11.09 there's more to women than meeting your eyes. women can be very calculating. any time they do something, they've already thought it out. natsu no arashi ep. 3
7.6.09 words become stories, repeating the good old days. fate/stay night HF | day 16
7.6.09 slow and steady is always best. fate/stay night HF | day 16
7.6.09 everything's forgiven if you are strong. fate/stay night HF | day 16
7.5.09 if you are to deny everything you've done. the crime will judge you. fate/stay night HF | day 15
7.3.09 there are worthless things, but there are no meaningless things. fate/stay night HF | day 8
7.2.09 wounds heal, and memories fade. fate/stay night HF | day 6
6.30.09 everything is an illusion like a mirage that disappears when one turns around. fate/stay night UBW TE | day 16
6.28.09 what's left are memories that fade away. fate/stay night UBW GE | day 15
6.28.09 there is nothing at the end of helping people. it is a false life that can save neither yourself nor others. fate/stay night UBW GE | day 14
6.25.09 if one can be proud of another's life, one should not wish for another chance. fate/stay night FATE | day 15
6.25.09 things lost will never return. fate/stay night FATE | day 15
6.24.09 "the most important person is yourself." that kind of person probably can become happy and share their happiness. fate/stay night FATE | day 14
6.22.09 a king is not human. one cannot protect the people with human emotions. fate/stay night FATE | day 12
6.18.09 girls care about their looks from the moment they're born. fate/stay night FATE | day 5
6.18.09 to wield a sword means to take injury as well.  fate/stay night FATE | day 4