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date memory series
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6.13.09 no one has infinite time. you should live what little time you have to the fullest. sword of the stranger
6.13.09 the best dreams are those that match your own status. sword of the stranger
6.13.09 there are things that are beautiful because one cannot possess them. fate/stay night ep. 24
6.13.09 emotions are the key to change people who are alive now. fate/stay night ep. 22
6.13.09 it is inappropriate to laugh at another person's tastes. fate/stay night ep. 20
6.13.09 date is a battle. fate/stay night ep. 20
6.13.09 yours wishes aren't always something you can let other people know of. fate/stay night ep. 10
6.12.09 empty stomachs are our enemies. fate/stay night ep. 4
6.12.09 they say dead people don't talk. fate/stay night ep. 2
6.11.09 saving one person means not being able to save another. fate/stay night ep. 1
6.11.09 crying is not the only way to express pain at a friend's passing. le chevalier d'eon ep. 20
6.10.09 "Retribution" means the restoration of a crumbling harmony and the proper order. le chevalier d'eon ep. 16
6.7.09 even if there was a way to extend our time together, it would only make our parting that much more painful. tales of symphonia ep. 4
6.6.09 finding the meaning of existence is a very important matter. tales of the abyss ep. 21
6.4.09 if you keep getting caught in the past, you can't go forward. tales of the abyss ep. 10
6.3.09 don't let your guard down. doing so only invites an enemy's attack. tales of the abyss ep. 7
6.1.09 even with the passage of time, there is no way to escape the fate each land is bond to. otogi zoshi ep. 8
5.26.09 everything is under the fate of time. blade of the immortal ep. 3
5.26.09 humans are creatures who think that they are are on the side of justice if their best interest is involved. blade of the immortal ep. 2
5.26.09 if we don't want to lose everything, we have to learn how to endure. blade of the immortal ep. 2
5.25.09 a person who can't love will never be loved. druaga no tou: sword of uruk ep. 7
5.24.09 carrying secrets is a difficult thing. planetes. ep. 10
5.23.09 space is too big to face all alone. planetes ep. 3
5.23.09 there are somethings you can do and somethings you can't do. planetes ep. 2
5.23.09 the best time to learn to swim is when you're drowning. planetes ep. 1
5.21.09 a hero of justice exists when others want him to be one. kurogane no linebarrels ep. 24
5.21.09 even if you understand the pain of someone else, if you can't save them from it, then it means nothing. kurogane no linebarrels ep. 24
5.21.09 i can't do anything, because i have no power. kurogane no linebarrels ep. 24
5.19.09 what's important isn't what you should do. it's what you want to do. kurogane no linebarrels ep. 4
5.18.09 when receiving something, you will also lose something, it works both ways. tetsuwan birdy decode 2 ep. 9
5.16.09 though you part now, when you grow up, you will certainly meet once more. if you live without forgetting that person, you'll certainly meet them.  tetsuwan birdy decode 2 ep. 3
5.10.09 zero percent of hope, isn't hope anymore. yozakura shijuusou ~ yozakura quartet ep. 4
5.9.09 the world is filled with things that cannot be understood. maria-sama ga miteru 4th season ep. 11
5.6.09 there are times when you speak strongly because you love someone. maria-sama ga miteru ~ haru ep. 12
5.5.09 when people move to a new environment, they tend to worry about their past. so they reflect back and try to leave anything that will make us worry. maria-sama ga miteru ~ haru ep. 4
5.4.09 if you try to shoulder everything by yourself, you'll be crushed. there's no one that would blame you for showing your weaknesses. maria-sama ga miteru ep. 13
5.3.09 it must be hard to marry the one you love when they don't love you in return. maria-sama ga miteru ep. 3
5.3.09 if you need to explain yourself to someone, don't do it in bits and pieces. when you're ready, say it only once, clearly. maria-sama ga miteru ep. 2
5.3.09 there aren't many things in this world that can be said with the absolute confidence. maria-sama ga miteru ep. 2
5.2.09 we can live everyday only once in a life time. blue drop ep. 12
4.30.09 life is a little marathon. there's no need to speed things up. mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto natsu no sora ep. 8
4.30.09 humans make mistakes. what's most important is what happens after the mistakes. if you can accept your own failure, hold on to it and move forward! mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto natsu no sora ep. 7
4.29.09 sometimes you just have to accept what fate has dealt to you. mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto natsu no sora ep. 3
4.29.09 the most important thing is your own life. mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto natsu no sora ep. 3
4.28.09 only you can rescue yourself. jigoku shoujo mitsuganae ep. 22
4.28.09 all girls are main characters; they can become cinderella at any time. jigoku shoujo mitsuganae ep. 18
4.27.09 women are always women no matter how old they get. jigoku shoujo mitsuganae ep. 10
4.26.09 working hard is the last hope of people without talent. jigoku shoujo mitsuganae ep. 3
4.26.09 a person's hatred is random. jigoku shoujo futakomori ep. 19
4.21.09 if you want to become stronger, you need to throw everything away. shion no ou ep. 20
4.19.09 when you're confused, act on your feelings and intuition. kannagi ep. 13
4.18.09 it's a child's duty to cause trouble to their parents.  ride back ep. 9
4.13.09 love's like fireworks from a day long ago ... being all smashed up is beautiful. clannad original ~ misae's arc
4.7.09 there are things a man has to protect even if it kills his pride. clannad ~after story~ ep. 21
4.6.09 there are many times when you can't cry even when you want to after you grow up. clannad ~after story~ ep. 18
4.6.09 things will continue to change. nothing can stay as is. that's what it means to live. clannad ~after story~ ep. 16
4.6.09 it's impossible for all wishes to come true if you pray for them. but if you think and put your best effort forth until the end, then the outcome can't be that bad. clannad ~after story~ ep. 15
4.6.09 if you can move on, then move on. clannad ~after story~ ep. 9
4.6.09 when their is a family-like a group, people don't stray from the path too much. clannad ~after story~ ep. 7
4.6.09 love is like a firework from the past. it's more beautiful for it to go to pieces and scatter far off. clannad ~after story~ ep. 6
4.5.09 it's often said that you're stuck with the friends you make during your school days. clannad ~after story~ ep. 4
4.5.09 deep down, there's a mutual respect between those who recognize each other's strength. clannad ~after story~ ep. 2
4.4.09 if you want to say something, just say it. don't say it just to yourself. akikan ep. 9
4.4.09 any girl will wish for the person she likes to like her even more. akikan ep. 9
4.3.09 saying goodbye is always painful. maria + holic ep. 5
3.25.09 you can never get the things you want. toradora! ep. 16
3.23.09 the older you get, the fewer the possibilities that remain. gunslinger girl ep. 7
3.21.09 waiting takes alot of patience. true tears ep. 13
3.21.09 isn't a guy considered cool if his heart isn't affected by anyone? true tears ep. 10
3.17.09 the only thing you can do for the dead is remember their death and cry. shikabane hime aka ep. 09
3.15.09 you can't find yourself if you run away from reality. bounen no xamdou ep. 10
3.15.09 pictures hold only images of the past. bounen no xamdou ep. 9
3.14.09 working hard is the way to freedom. bounen no xamdou ep. 3
3.11.09 when a girl hears something harsh from the person they like, they'd be really shocked. to LOVE-ru ep. 16
3.5.09 those who save themselves will be saved by fate. kono aozora ni yakusoku wo ep. 10
3.5.09 the more you think about a person, the more you want to make them happy. akane-iro ni somaru saka ep. 9
3.5.09 if one isn't strong, then they aren't strong enough to survive. akane-iro ni somaru saka ep. 5
3.5.09  everyone has secrets they don't want to talk about. akane-iro ni somaru saka ep. 3
3.3.09 a present can make that person happy. nogizaka haruka no himitsu ep. 11
3.1.09 two becomes one, and it through all eternity. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 12
3.1.09 you need to have a dream to start with so it can come true. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 12
3.1.09 the only things that exist are coincidences and inevitabilities, and the actions people take. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 10
3.1.09  humans are creatures unable to stop doing something they really desire. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 9
2.28.09 when you think of another's feelings and blame yourself, it actually makes the other suffer more. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 5
2.25.09 when people have desires, they want to satisfy them, even if it means using a substitute. ef ~ a tale of melodies ep. 1
2.10.09 no matter how fun things are, all good things must end. that's how life is, after all. shugo chara ep. 26
2.10.09 people tend to make judgments by the way things appear, but someone's true self might turn out to be completely different from their appearance. shugo chara. ep. 25
2.10.09 just where is the boundary where liking someone changes to truly loving them? shugo chara ep. 25
2.9.09 the thing about dreams is that they come with anxiety and confusion. shugo chara ep. 20
2.8.09 don't focus on finding a simple solution. even a long journey starts with the first step. shugo chara ep. 11
2.7.09 only people who are missing something inside can become the main character. shugo chara ep. 6
1.31.09 i want to feel the boundary between the sky and the ocean. rd sennou chosashitsu ep. 12
1.28.09 it's said that handwritten letters convey the writer's feelings better. rd sennou chosashitsu ep. 6
11.17.08 how can you love others when you don't love yourself? this world is fun because you're the main character of your life. kyouran kazoku nikki ep. 2
11.4.08 those who control boobs can control cake! kamen no maid guy ep. 9
10.27.08 what matters is that you enjoy your time with the people who are important to you. wagaya no oinari-sama ep. 18
10.27.08 it's comfortable to be able to remember happy memories, and it's also comfortable to forget all the bad memories. wagaya no oinari-sama ep. 18
10.27.08 first loves are always sad. wagaya no oinari-sama ep. 18
10.21.08 money means everything wherever you go in this world. wagaya no oinari-sama ep. 2
10.16.08 tears before a journey is a bad omen. people remember each other's faces when they separate until they meet the next time. koihime musou ep. 1
10.15.08 we're all alone in the end. tetsuwan birdy decode ep. 12
10.14.08 humans only like to see and learn about things that they believe. tetsuwan birdy decode ep. 9
10.12.08 a man won't let anyone stand in his way. itazura na kiss ep. 14
10.9.08 people's feelings can change. you may hate someone today, but you might come to love that person tomorrow. itazura na kiss ep. 3
10.5.08 being hurt on the outside is better than being hurt on the inside. code geass r2 ep. 16
10.5.08 people are aware of life when they are aware of death. code geass r2 ep. 15
10.5.08 only fools wage war. code geass r2 ep. 12
10.3.08 every human searches for hope. everyone desires something. code geass r2 ep. 8
9.30.08 loving someone isn't easy. special a ep. 19 
9.29.08 don't forget that the past isn't the same as the present. special a ep. 13
9.22.08 what's important is the feeling to create something new and care for it. utawarerumono ep. 16
9.22.08 what we need more than anything is tomorrow. utawarerumono ep. 16
9.21.08 to not remember your past is frightening and uneasy. utawarerumono ep. 12
9.21.08 if you're stuck on something and keep on thinking about it, you won't find a way to solve it. in times like those, the best thing to do is sit down and relax with a cup of tea. utawarerumono ep. 12
9.18.08 life continues even after becoming a hero.  druaga no to: the aegis of uruk ep. 10
9.10.08 the story of the future is something we create ourselves. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 38
9.7.08 nothing starts off as evil. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 26
9.7.08 something new, something blue, something borrowed and something old -- if a bride wears these things when she gets married, she'll become happy. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 22
9.5.08 don't give up before opening doors. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 15
9.4.08 by believe in something, you'll have bravery and courage at your side. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 13
9.4.08 too much of something or different things may hurt others. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 10
9.4.08 fairy tales are passed from person to person. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 9
9.2.08 They say things that are hard to find appear in the most unexpected places. fairy musketeer akazukin ep. 2
9.2.08 train yourself so that you'll always be calm under any circumstances, and not to let your emotions overcome you. toshokan sensou ep. 12
8.30.08 suprize attacks are situations that every man wants to experience at least once in their lifetime! higurashi no naku koro ni kai ep. 21
8.18.08 to a man, words like destiny and fate, have extraordinarily heavy meanings attached to them. higurashi no naku koro ni kai ep. 6
8.17.08 friends that you make at a young age are friends that you'll have for the rest of your life. after ten or twenty years, when each of your lives has gone through changes, that bond always stays the same. there won't be a lot of people throughout your life that you can talk to about anything. _summer ep. 1