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date memory series
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8.13.08 as long as there is happiness, there will also be grief. brave story
8.13.08 life has sad moments just as it has happy ones. brave story
8.10.08 to try to understand isn't worthless. kodomo no jikan ep. 12
810.08 when you want to get along with someone, you start by being nice to them. everyone is happy when people are nice to them. eventually, they'll start liking you. kodomo no jikan ep. 10
8.3.08 even the one's being confessed to could fall in love. the girl who leapt through time
8.3.08 time waits for no one. the girl who leapt through time
8.3.08 when you're out of luck, nothing goes right. the girl who leapt through time
8.1.08  love begins from the smallest things. ever since we were born, we've been destined to fall in love with someone. naisho no tsubomi ep. 3
7.27.08 any pain that you feel is only felt by yourself. mnemosyne ep. 1
7.27.08 dreams will come to an end someday. da capo ii second season ep. 12
7.26.08 elders will always pass on before the young ones. da capo ii second season ep. 9
7.24.08 even though the future cannot be foreseen, it is still enjoyable. da capo ii second season ep. 5
7.24.08 sharing a secret means you share "one body and one soul" da capo ii second season ep. 3
7.24.08 chocolate puts a smile on someone, while candy makes them forget stressful things. sweets makes people happy. da capo ii second season ep. 3
7.23.08 thinking that now is fun, is what makes it the most fun. aria the animation. ep. 11
7.23.08 in the time you spend with others, lots of small, fun things are born and disappear. if you are able to capture each of them, you'll never run out of fun things. forever and ever. aria the animation. ep. 11
7.23.08 if we were caught up in the fun of the past, and couldn't see the fun now ... it would be a shame, wouldn't it? aria the animation. ep. 11
7.23.08 you won't be able to stay the way you are, because time is something that can be kind, and also cruel by changing everything. aria the animation. ep. 11
7.20.08 the twinkling of the stars almost looks as if the stars are talking. aria the animation ep. 9
7.17.08 if you believe in your dreams, they'll come true. aria the animation ep. 4
7.17.08 a letter can overcome time and space to deliver to your heart. aria the animation ep. 4
7.13.08 instead of being taken by a future that you can't see, enjoy the present that you are in. vampire knight ep. 11
7.13.08 females are princesses by nature. vampire knight ep. 7
7.12.08 it is impossible to erase the past. vampire knight ep. 2
7.10.08 it's all about snap decisions. a single slip-up can be the end of everything. SRWOG - divine wars ep. 3
7.10.08 there's no point in trying to get girls to understand a guy's passion ... SRWOG - divine wars ep. 1
7.9.08 men are really stupid. gurren lagann ep. 23
7.9.08 if you give up, it is all over. gurren lagann ep. 21
7.7.08 the only thing that is not repairable in a human's life is the heart. gurren lagann ep. 9
7.7.08 time is not meant to be thrown away, it is meant to be used for that purpose. shakugan no shana movie
7.6.08 wearing someone else's shoes changes one's perspective. shakugan no shana movie
7.6.08 a man's stomach has no limit! gurren lagann ep. 6
7.6.08 just like the stars twinkling in the night sky ...
the melting heart that won't let go ...
even if i let go of my hand ...
as long as we don't forget ...
kimi ga nozomu eien ~next season~ ep. 2
7.5.08 love is like the simmering air. kimi ga nozomu eien ~next season~ ep. 1
7.5.08 starving men can't do anything. gurren lagann ep. 4
7.4.08 delicious food. THAT is what makes people happy. flag ep. 12
7.2.08 everyone tries their hardest to live to the faith that others put in them. flag ep. 7
7.1.08 walking along the beach with the person you like is romantic. kanokon ep. 11
6.30.08 sea is all about the barbeque. kanokon ep. 11
6.29.08 real kindness is about telling a person the truth, even if it means hurting them at that point in time. if you do that, the person will be able to take a better path. kanokon ep. 3
6.27.08 when you find someone important to you, give them a kiss. kurenai ep. 9
6.27.08 dead people are no longer in this world. no matter how much you cry, they won't be found anywhere. kurenai ep. 9
6.27.08 in the course of a person's life, they must make many choices. whether those choices are right or wrong, no one knows. that's why people believe that the choices they make are the right ones. that's why people are interesting. kurenai ep. 9
6.27.08 men can have one relationship after another, so their previous ones are backups. for women, if they find a new man, they can completely forget about their old one. kurenai ep. 6
6.27.08 the feeling of wanting to protect someone makes you stronger. kurenai ep. 3
6.26.08 adults are innately kind to children. there's no real reason. kurenai ep. 2
6.26.08 things will come your way whether you choose to leave them alone or not. kurenai ep. 2
6.25.08 the moon doesn't shine by itself, it's only reflecting the light. but even so, the moon's light is pretty ... don't you think it's weird? there are things that receive light and shine because of it, and there are things that become unseen because of it. shinigami no ballad - momo, the girl god of death ep. 5
6.25.08 no one can take the place of another. each person has their own destiny. the characters' in one's destiny are written "to carry one's life." as long as someone lives, that will never change. and it's not something that can be traded for someone else's. shinigami no ballad - momo, the girl god of death ep. 2
6.24.08 no matter what type of feelings or thoughts you have, if they become too strong, it'll betray the purpose. and the more time you spend on them, the more you lose them, and the more worthless it becomes. if we rush too much to find an answer, only pain will result. mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikers ep. 26
6.23.08 we can still fight, so why abandon now? you taught me the reason for my being here, my strength and power you adore so much. don't make everything a lie mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikers ep. 23
6.18.08 when you say "goodbye" as you set off on a journey, that's not a word of a farewell, but of a new beginning mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha a's ep. 13
6.16.08 becoming friends with someone is really simple, you just have to call out their name. that's all you need to do at the beginning. don't refer them as "hey, you" or "that person," but look straight into their eyes and clearly say their name.
when you see your friend crying, you become sad ...
mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha ep. 13
6.15.08 we were given life to atone for our sins, that is life's purpose metal gear solid 4, noami's quote
6.7.08 we cannot change the past, but we can change the future misaki chronicles ep. 12
6.7.08 friendship is something that goes beyond love! a friend is someone who accepts your feelings and emotions misaki chronicles opening themes
6.4.08 reality is just a bit bitter than a dream someday's dreamers ep. 12
6.4.08 unless you find the answer yourself, there is no meaning someday's dreamers ep. 11
6.2.08 there is no place for hesitation in one's life  someday's dreamers ep. 6
6.1.08 it's okay to rely on someone when you're in pain mahou sensei negima ep. 26
6.1.08 love knows no rules mahou sensei negima ep. 18
5.16.08 love is that pain you feel when the one you are heavily attached to lives away from you, or when you have lost them. seto no hayamone ep. 15
5.12.08 death is the end of everything. your future and your past will be lost in an instant. where there'll be no second chance. kaze no stigma ep. 4
4.21.08 goodbyes come suddenly and unannounced. hayate no gotoku ep. 41
4.20.08 first loves are weak and sad. hayate no gotoku ep. 35
4.14.08 if you're lost, then extend your hand out. if you do that, you can reach out for something. shakugan no shana second ep. 10
4.14.08 love is like a mirror that reflects your bad side. especially when it's unrequited, you get envious, jealous, prejudiced, and resentful. it becomes shameful, but it shows how serious you are. shakugan no shana second ep. 6
4.13.08 parting is something that always happens suddenly. the saying "a once in a life time encounter" is because you never know when it will leave you and you may never see it again. so, every second, proceed with no regrets. if you do so, then the time you spent together will itself become a better present than any other. hatenkou yugi ep. 10
4.12.08 old people are the nation's treasure. the reason why we're able to live here today is due to the hard work by our forefathers. they are my noble masters ep. 7
4.9.08 hearing "i love you" from the person they love makes girls happy, but the timing is important. clannad ep. 20
4.8.08 i think the shape of love depends on each person. i think each individual is free to love whomever and however. clannad ep. 16
4.6.08 people can live because they forget sad and embarrassing moments in their lives. shigofumi ep. 3
3.8.08 once you tell a lie, you will always tell lies. byakuyakou ( journey under a midnight sun )
5.19.07 love isn't a one way of feelings from someone ... it has to maintain both parties to be called love, it takes great resolution to fall in love with someone ... it's important to grasp what the other person is feeling. elemental gelade ep. 6
4.22.07 most people tend to remember the good things from the past, and so they forget some important memories ... tonagura ( most episodes talk about this )
4.22.07 alot of things happen in life, and people living in this world don't know about them ... busou renkin ep. 26
4.14.07 whatever memories are to you is how you remember someone important that you've lost. if that memory disappears, then it is only more painful. memories off 5
4.10.07 your hands show alot about yourself; how you live and the emotions at the time hataraki man ep. 7
4.6.07 it's too easy to take advantage of other's weaknesses, but because it's easy, you won't get anything more than the value of that weakness. pumpkin' scissors ep. 13
3.5.07 if you decided that you can't do something before you even try, then you'll never be able to do it! in order to do it, you need a set of good points towards what you want to accomplish. xxxholic ep. 15
3.4.07 when you want to give something up, you need to ask yourself two questions: "why do you want to stop?" and "why can't you stop?" ... xxxholic ep. 6
2.28.07 there's nothing that doesn't change refrain blue ep. 1
2.18.07 life is all about timing and luck

the boarder between a child and an adult, when a child leaves they make alot of promises, while adults leave without saying anything and praying for another's welfare

suppli ( live action ) ep. 11
2.16.07 relying on a certain friend, power or a type of source just to achieve your daily routine in your lifetime is something important, but what's more important is knowing how to manage your own self when the time comes for it to go ... when it's time is up and that certain thing, the very important thing in your life is about to leave or have just left you, ... let it go and move on da ~ capo ep. 23
2.8.07 what do you have to do to become an adult? rather than expressing your emotions and feelings like a child ... work, working hard in your job life and setting your own position in life, then express those emotions suppli ( live action )
2.7.07 there is only the assumption of "what if" and the wish that "it had turned out like that". there is no absolute truth which supports this. there is no preparation to accept what is there, only tightfisted sentiment and bitter illusion.

there are no "if"s, there is only the present.

reality is now, and choices is made only by you as the individual. the moment you make that very choice, is the moment you should be prepared to accept the consequences, whether it's good or bad ... or even if its the impossible ...

futakoi alternative ep. 9
1.30.07 the most important thing to do is what you want to do, it is your future ... asatte no houkou ep. 5
1.18.07 even if your not good at something, it's no reason to quit doing it as long as you keep liking it, but if you hate it then you might as well quit doing it otome wa boku ni koishiteru ep. 8
1.15.07 old people are living memories of the past otome wa boku ni koishiteru ep. 1
1.13.07 only love can heal the heart that was hurt by love bokura ga ita ep. 15
1.5.07 life has no meaning without dreams sousei no aquarion ep. 23
1.4.07 when your about to fall, there's something you must do before you get help ... it is to fall completely sousei no aquarion ep. 15
1.4.07 women will forever be something that men cannot understand, hehe sousei no aquarion ep. 12
1.1.07 life is all knowledge, the more you live and enjoy life, the more you experience it ... after all, it's an everlasting adventure tsubasa chronicle 2nd season
12.26.06 * if you plan on confessing your feelings to someone, then be prepared to be rejected ... and furthermore, your friendship may end with them too
* if the one you love has someone he/she likes, then you have two choices: to confess or to step down, if you are eager to confess then know it'll be hard to get on that stage and fight against the one they like
kashimashi ~ girl meets girl
12.24.06 don't cry ... be a man, don't cry ... where's the pillow? >_< zegapain