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Otakixus is a personal experience based on Anime and other personal Japanese hobbies. This website contains tons of information based on anime, J-dramas, music themes, pictures of anime scenes, graphic creations, Fansubs, blogs and many other things. I love Japan, and so my dream is to go there and visit it. However it goes, I want to keep a memory in this very website.

Otakixus Links
Introduction -- Overview of what Otakixus is about.
Background Image -- Preview the background image on 2econd.
Memories -- Featuring quotes from anime series and Japanese live actions.
Otakixus Blog -- Official Otakixus blog.
Anime Collection -- Collections of anime media; series, manga, ova, etc.
Favorites -- Bookmarks of Tatsujin's favorite links.
Downloading Japanese Media -- Tutorial to start downloading anime.
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