:: I N F O R M A T I O N ::

Evening, this page will tell you specifically on how to download Japanese Media. Altho' this method is suggested to those who admire Japanese media. if the media you liked gets licensed and released in your country, then show your support by purchasing a copy for yourself. Most media products that you buy will have additional features like director's cut editions, art books, special sound tracks and other valuable things. Keep in mind that Limited Editions are hard to find after a while.

:: R E Q U I R E M E N T S ::

To begin, you have to have a good computer with a solid connection -- preferably a high speed internet connection. please follow the steps bellow accordingly.


1. Java /-- Download and install, or update it to the latest version.

2. uTorrent /-- Recommended. A bit torrent client.

3. CoreAVC /-- Recommended (not required) to play blu-ray and high-bit rate videos for smooth playback.

4. CCCP Codec /-- Required. Download and Install. Windows Player Classic should be your primary player.

:: S A F E T Y    P R O C E D U R E S ::

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:: M E D I A    W E B S I T E S ::

-- October.17.10 --

Below are the websites you can start downloading from. note that bit torrent is a sharing community program. if you have any questions please go to the official website bit torrent.

aniDB -- Archive database acquiring information on completed fansub media.
anime suki -- Latest unlicensed fan-subbed anime releases.
bakaBT -- Completed media in the highest formats available.
tokyo tosho -- The biggest Japanese Media on the internet.

anirena -- Large anime torrent database.
anime yume -- Holds almost every-single anime information.
animetake -- Streams anime and manga.
manga download -- Largest J-manga archive on the Internet.
nipponsei -- Enormous database of anime and non-anime Japanese media.

nyaa torrents -- Another enormous media database.
download anime -- Features a small price for their FTP, unlicensed titles only.
anime supreme -- Features small price for their FTP, unlicensed titles only.
hongfire -- Additional media database.
blinx01 -- Releases Fansub DVDs.
:: T E R M S ::

Note that the choices you make are yours -- Otakixus and Tatsujin take NO responsibilities for any type of action you take on your computer, internet or whatever other means you do in your life behind your monitor, privately or even publicly whether you misuse the files or not. Please insure that you have read the laws in your country and follow them accordingly. By reading/attempting to download J-media or any other type of file that was not mentioned here, you automatically agree that you take full responsibility over whatever course and action you take and hold no responsibility(s) on Otakixus nor Tatsujin, period.